Sunday, 22 January 2012

London Conway Hall meeting on the Subject of Blasphemy to Take place on 28 January 2012

 Liberties Alliance

An important meeting, organised by ‘The Centre for Enquiry UK’ will take place in London’s Conway Hall (25 Red Lion Square, Holborn) on Saturday 28 January 2012. The title for the event is "BLASPHEMY!” which is very apt given the content of United Nations Resolution 16/18 and the subsequent development of the ‘Istanbul Process’. The EU’s decision to host the next ‘Istanbul Process’ meeting has put the issue of ‘defamation of religion’ to the centre of politics right across Europe. It is very important for the cause of freedom that the ‘Istanbul Process’ be opposed as it seems to be driven by a desire to place severe and unwarranted restrictions on freedom of expression.

The March for Free Expression (MfFE) took place in Trafalgar Square on 25 March 2006 in the aftermath of the deliberately manufactured Danish cartoon crisis. The MfFE event publicised the problem of the erosion of the right to freedom of expression caused by the actions of religious agitators who demand respect for their opinions and unquestioning obedience to their dogmas. In the intervening period, not only have politicians not addressed the problem but have actively made it worse and in the process made the people of Britain less free. Now, nearly 6 years later the campaign against free speech has reached the point where it is on the verge of formal abolition within the European Union. (...)

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