Tuesday, 7 February 2012

UK Resistance – Working Class Action supports Dr John Sentamu.

UK Resistance – Working Class Action supports Dr John Sentamu.

We condemn without reservation the abusive and racist emails (as reported in the Daily Mail 7 February 2012) sent to 'Honest John' Sentamu in response to his comments regarding gay marriage and the Church.

There may be some justification for the gay-rights lobby which descended on York Minster following his comments, people have the right to peacefully oppose anything they see fit in a free society, and we wish those gay-rights groups well when they visit the places of worship of other denominations or faiths in the UK which also bar homosexual union.

Honest John Sentamu is no stranger to standing up for what is right against immoral dictatorships, after all he took on the infamous Idi Amin by refusing to bow to his interference in the Ugandan judicial system and was jailed, a true prisoner of conscience. After his experience with the brutal and amoral, dictatorial Ugandan regime, we have no doubt that Honest John will not be troubled too much by the liberal fascists who now target him, however, as working class patriots we have a duty to defend someone in authority who speaks out on our behalf.

Of course, as stated earlier, the people who now target Honest John would be standing outside other institutions of faith if they were true to their convictions. The liberal fascists who seek to impose their will, their way of life upon the British people are targeting the Church of England because (a) it represents the status quo which they seek to displace and replace with their covert revolution and (b) because it is seen as an easy touch.

Therefore in response to these attacks on a truly great man, UK Resistance – Working Class Action now intends to peacefully oppose any further demonstration aimed at Honest John Sentamu or the Church of England.

We are the resistance, long live the resistance!

UK Resistance - Working Class Action


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