Sunday, 27 November 2011

"Your Country Is Finished..."

François Desouche has posted a copy of a police report ("procès verbal) dated November 7, 2011 from the city of Mantes-la-Jolie. It isn't clear how the report became available to HostingPics where a readable version can be found, except that an anonymous policeman must have uploaded it.

The report first gives the names (which are blackened out) and functions of the officers in charge that afternoon:

We testify that a person dressed all in black, with her face covered, rang the intercom. That she was also wearing black gloves. That she was still covered when she came to the door to inform us that she had come for her daughter who had been arrested for shoplifting.

In order to verify that she was really the mother of the girl, we asked the woman to prove her identity. She then handed us a national ID with the name Nadia……….., born……….

We then took this person into an office separate from the public area and informed her of the law concerning the niqab.

This person immediately replied that she was in her rights under Koranic Law which is her only law.

We asked her then to show her face in order to verify that it was really the person pictured on the ID.

After several minutes, hesitatingly, she agreed to show us a little bit of her forehead and a bit of her chin.

We informed her that covering one's face in a public area was a second degree violation and that the facts would be filed in a police report.

The woman, without allowing us to continue, said that our country is finished and that soon the Muslims will be in power, that Frenchwomen are all whores dressed as they do. That no one , not even the judge will prevent her from dressing this way.

At that moment, the woman began speaking to us in Arabic and refused to speak any more French.

We wanted to inform her of the reason for her daughter's arrest, namely, shoplifting an item worth 100 euros from a cosmetics counter, but she refused to sign the accusation against her daughter, a minor.

The woman then became hysterical and vociferated in the police station saying that we French will not be around much longer, that power will soon be in the hands of the Muslims.

The woman left the police station still vociferating at the admissions desk and swearing that Koranic Law would win.

She left the headquarters with her daughter, her face still covered.

I like comment #7 at François Desouche:

- She's nice. She gives us warning. Now, all we have to do is take a few preventive measures...

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