Thursday, 22 December 2011

Ex-soldier fanatic in fraud bust Arrest over charity cash

A BRITISH soldier turned Islamic extremist has been arrested on suspicion of fraud.

Radical convert Abu Jibreel — who says drinkers should be whipped — is alleged to have pocketed donations for foreign war victims he collected outside mosques.

Ex-Irish Guard Jibreel, 39, formerly called Paul Steven Mellor, was arrested in Leyton, East London, over allegations of fraud and false misrepresentation.

He was quizzed by detectives yesterday over claims he used a fake ID to collect cash by saying it was for victims in civil war-torn Somalia and Libya.

Cheshire-born Jibreel — one of hate preacher Anjem Choudary's acolytes and a one-time member of the banned Muslims Against Crusades group — is then alleged to have stolen the money.

Cross ... Abu Jibreel has a St George tattoo on his neck
Cross ... Abu Jibreel has a St George tattoo on his neck
Jibreel, divorced from Gaynor Hardman, mother of his three children, served with the Irish Guards between 1988 and 1997. That year he converted to Islam after a drunken chat with a Muslim cabbie.

Jibreel has a St George's Cross tattoo on his neck — a memento from his Army days. He now wants to turn Britain into an Islamic state with Sharia law.

He declared: "I used to have a pint when I was in the Army — but I don't think it's excessive to lash drinkers."

A source said: "If the accusations are proved against him, he will also be guilty of gross hypocrisy."
Jibreel was last night released on bail until February.

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