Sunday, 15 January 2012

Tunisian Asylum Seekers Terrorise Swiss Town

There are only a few of them. [a tiny minority?] But they're making life difficult for the inhabitants of Chiasso. Chiasso already asked the federal government for help months ago. Tunisian asylum seekers steal, fight, drink on the streets.

..."Since the summer we have had 30 per cent more call-outs. There were 400 incidents involving asylum seekers. Half of them were violent acts,~" says Nicolas Poncini (50), the local police chief. "They no longer just fight among themselves, they also attack the population. They are extremely aggressive. Among themselves too. We have also seen very bloody self-wounds."

..."I'm afraid that the confrontation between the asylum seekers and the population is getting out of control," says the local police chief. "In the last few days things have been getting really wild here," says the director of the reception centre, Antonio Simona (59). The North Africans come home drunk; they fight with the staff. "On Tuesday we had to get the police. Suddenly there were six, seven North Africans standing in front of us and they wanted to attack the officials."

"It's only a small group that's taking us to our limits. Very young men with lots of energy and without employment. They drink, become aggressive," continues Simona. "I've been in the centre since 1998, have seen people from all possible countries come and go, but I have never seen people who disturb the public peace like these Tunisians."

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